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Guided Journal & Workbook – Mindset Reset

Guided Journal & Workbook – Mindset Reset


Reset your mindset, improving your productivity and focus, increase your self-awareness and change unhealthy habits.

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This Positive Mindset journal helps you to reset your mindset, improving your productivity and focus, increasing your self-awareness and helps you change unhealthy habits.

This beautiful workbook will make you want to use it!

With 130 pages, this A5 journal and workbook includes lessons, exercises, reflections and free journalling space for you to find get the mindset reset you are looking for.

The Mindset Reset Workbook focuses on your goals and the mindset to achieve them. This is a great place to start refocusing your life and your mind and reset yourself on the path you would like to take your life on.

Work through this self paced workbook to define your path and your goals including:

  • Define want you want and create your goals
  • Get to know the real you
  • Unlock the path to your positive self
  • Visualise a successful you
  • Learn the way to challenge those unhelpful thoughts
  • Manage negative thinking
  • Change your environment to help you become successful in any area
  • Master the techniques of visualisation – projecting yourself into the future
  • And so much more!

… and so much more!

Each section of this self paced workbook takes you through new learnings and includes practical exercises to help you implement strategies into your life immediately.

Here is a list of some of the contents from the Mindset Reset Workbook:

Have a Goal

  • 360 Life Review
  • Setting Goals
  • Your Big Picture Goal
  • Your Short Term Goal
  • Your Medium Term Goal
  • Your Long Term Goal
  • Goal Examples
  • Time to GROW
  • The Invitation

Know Your Why

  • Know Your Why
  • My Why

Take Responsibility

  • Above the Line
  • What Does It Look Like to Live Below the Line?
  • Steps to Accountability

Clean Up Your Thinking

  • Unhelpful Thinking
  • Momentum & Negative Thinking
  • Thoughts & Feelings Reflection Journal

 Your Focus

  • Circle of Concern
  • Proactive and Reactive Behaviour
  • Circle of Concern / Circle of Influence
  • The People in Your Circle of Influence

The Positive You

  • The Positive You
  • How Do We Act Out of Self Esteem & Ego?
  • Focusing on the Positive You
  • The Positive Me
  • Our Deepest Fear

 Visualising Yourself Succeeding

  • Visualising Success
  • How to Visualise
  • Health Visualisation
  • Career Visualisation

Pick this journal up at any stage in your life, whether you are a goal getter or a goal avoider, this workbook will help you to clearly set out where you are and what you need to do next.

Start working on your mindset today! Let’s get started!

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