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Guided Journal – Take Good Care

Guided Journal – Take Good Care


Taking good care of yourself is beautiful, challenging, life-changing work.

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Written by M.H. Clark / Designed by Jessica Phoenix

Taking good care of yourself is beautiful, challenging, life-changing work. It’s about recognising your own truth and advocating for the things you need — with tenderness, and with fierceness too.

Inside this guided journal you’ll find quotes from powerful female voices and a mix of supportive prompts to help you define boundaries and create healthy patterns in your life. With exercises to hone in on self-talk, self-awareness, body image, and future goals, it’s a companion in making decisions that honour who you really are.

The bold, reflective prompts are here to help you connect to and become your truest self:

What’s something you feel ready to ask for more of in the near future?

What are some authentic parts of yourself that you tend to “turn off” or “shut down”?

What are some self-boundaries you’d like to implement, or boundaries you’d like to stick to more predictably?

  • A beautiful self-care gift for a sister, daughter, or dear friend to encourage them to create and honour healthy boundaries.
  • The alluring, colourful cover features foil stamping.
  • The journal is filled with deeply reflective prompts and quotes from strong female voices to guide your reflections
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Size: 15.2cm W x 19cm H
  • Page Count: 92 pages
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