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Guided Journal & Workbook – The Art of Positive Thinking

Guided Journal & Workbook – The Art of Positive Thinking


7 Pillars to a Positive Mindset Workbook & Journal

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The ART of Positive Thinking helps you master your self talk as you develop a positive mindset by learning how to use that voice in your head for good!
Work through the workbook to change your unhelpful thoughts and beliefs and understand your thinking patterns, learning how to:
  • Create a positive future
  • Learn positive self talk
  • Create your funk buster list
  • Take back control of your mindset
  • Know the successful you
  • 7 Day Positivity Challenge

Go on a journey with this self paced workbook helping you to pivot on your negative thoughts and develop that positive outlook that you wished came naturally.

This unique workbook gives practical exercises helping you to learn what to do AND implement strategies into your life immediately to create lasting change.

Here is a snap shot of the contents:

 Take Back Control

  • You have a choice
  • Momentum and Negative Thinking
  • Emotional Guidance System
  • Emotional Continuum
  • Emotional Scale

Take Responsibility

  • Taking Responsibility
  • What Does It Look Like to Live Below the Line?
  • Steps to Accountability

What If…

  • Unhelpful Thinking
  • Pivoting Journal

The Story We Tell

  • Language
  • Beliefs
  • Affirmations

The Successful You

  • Self-Acceptance is Key
  • A Successful Past
  • Best Possible Self

Unconditional Happiness

  • Be Happy Anyway
  • Goal Getting
  • Appreciation
  • Appreciation Journal

Funk Busters

  • Know What Shifts You
  • My Funk Buster List

 Challenge Yourself – 7 Day Challenge

Get positive today and start changing the way you think for good!

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