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Hi there and welcome to Positive Stuff Products, based in sunny Brisbane.

Positive Stuff Products has been a labour of love for me, in various forms, since 2009. It started as an eBay store as a side line to my first consulting business – MDD Tactics. Since then it has had a few variations, always as a side line to my full time gig in Vocational Education. I have had stores on eBay, facebook and a couple of different websites.

It has always been just me, Michelle. I do the website, I do the facebook posts, I order the stock, I pack your orders (my favourite part) with love, and I deliver them to the post office. There is now also my husband who has to listen to my endless conversations about Positive Stuff website traffic, facebook posts and Google Ads.

In 2019, I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep the store going. I wasn’t giving it anywhere near enough love, and thought it might be time to retire it, but kept the dream (and the domain name) alive, thinking the time might be right to focus on it again soon.

I was so looking forward to leaving 2019 behind and had such high hopes for 2020 being a great year. You see, on the 1st of April last year, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It is astounding how 3 little words, “It is cancer” can have such an impact on your life. My world turned upside down. There was surgery, 14 rounds of chemotherapy, 2 hospital stays from various side effects of the chemo, and 25 rounds of daily radiation. And I lost my hair. It was tough. Oh and I forgot to mention that I was made redundant the same day I received my diagnosis. April 1st 2019 is not a day I am likely to forget any time soon.

In many ways I was very lucky. I had an incredibly supportive family, I didn’t have children to look after (I don’t know how you would survive that treatment ordeal if you had kids to look after at the same time), we had good insurance cover so I didn’t have to stress about looking for a full time job. While there were times during treatment I was simply not well enough to do anything, I did use Positive Stuff Products as something for me to focus on.

Recovery is now going well, and I am slowly returning to work. Positive Stuff Products is more about sharing positive stuff with the world, more so than ever making any real $. It is never going to be a financial windfall. But that is not ever what it was about.

So please, help me spread some positive stuff. I think it is what the world needs right now.

Have a look around. We are constantly adding new stock, so make sure you check back regularly. If there is something particular you are looking for, please reach out and ask. If you would like to purcahse more of an item than we curretnly have in stock, please ask. We can source additional stock pretty quickly, using only Australian suppliers. If you would like to stay in touch, sign up for our weekly newsletter, sent each Sunday.

We have also now added Positive Education & Training to the Positive Stuff family.  Positive Education & Training offers a range of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® workshops, to help you get MORE out of your team. 

And ladies, please check your boobs regularly, and have a mammogram if you are due!

Yours in all things Positive

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